What Affects The Costs For Driveway Repair?

While concrete driveway material has a long shelf life, there inevitably comes a time when you need to consider driveway repair. The costs of asphalt repair can vary greatly, and here are some of the most important factors that will go into your cost estimate.

The Damage Level

The level of damage in your driveway will affect the types of repairs that are available to you. If there are only a few small dings in the driveway, then a simple driveway patching repair could be a low-cost option for you. If the surface has more consistent, but not structurally damaging potholes, then you might get away with resurfacing the driveway and getting several more years of use out of your materials. For larger jobs where the concrete is very old and broken, a full concrete replacement is the best option for continued functionality and safety. 

Quality Level

Another thing that affects concrete repair rates is the level of detail you want on your job. If you simply want to patch a few of the larger holes in your driveway, this may be enough to get you through until the next concrete replacement. But you may be left with a driveway that's uneven in color, for instance, since the older concrete can change in appearance as it gets weathered away. Putting a new level of surface material can help to fix this issue, but it will come with an added cost. 

The Tools You Need

Both the damage level and the level of quality you expect can affect the tools you need to complete the job. A concrete pouring truck may be optional since you can mix the concrete by hand for smaller jobs. If your driveway is very dirty to begin with you might need to rent a power washer to quickly scrape away debris, and chemical treatments may also be needed to get heavy oil stains out of the material.  

Your DIY Aptitude

If you are able to prepare part of your own driveway repair, then you may be able to save a few bucks on your total bill. For instance, you could rent a power washer and clean the driveway yourself. Patching up some of the smaller holes may be easy to do on your own as well. But for the bigger stuff, such as pouring a new concrete layer, it's not a good idea to skimp on hiring an asphalt repair specialist (such as one from Pyramid Concrete & Consulting Ltd). 

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