Egress Address: Three Ways An Egress Window Can Improve Your Basement

If your basement is drab and you want to liven it up, you may be interested in adding more natural light. One of the ways to improve the look, usage, and health of your basement is to install egress windows. Here are three ways that egress windows can improve the construction and the usage of your basement. 

Egress windows make the space safer and livable

Some basements are not usable as rooms to sleep or live in due to not having proper methods of escape. Some basements will host small, vent windows, but they're too small to use as an escape route in the event of an emergency. An egress window will provide a viable escape method besides the basement door. This will make it safer for you and your family to restructure the basement as a living area. 

Stop leaks in the basement

When you build an egress window in your basement, you can put a concrete wall in front that squares off the window. The concrete wall should be built in the same squared-off shape as the semi and be set at least one yard back from the opening of the window. This allows in plenty of natural light, allows for the egress window to be used as an entrance and exit, and obscures it from view above ground level.  Be sure to have a contractor like Concrack place a drain above the concrete walls that sits on ground level in order to divert the water away from the egress window. At the bottom of the egress window, you can also station a hole and drain for water to flow through. This can keep water from flowing near the basement. Small vent windows don't have these options and tend to leak, but egress windows offer the option to improve the overall construction of your basements draining system.

Additional heat during winter and fall

Since heat tends to rise in the air, the basement will be one of the coldest places in the house. During the winter it can be difficult to heat your basement space without a major rise in utility bills. During the day, an egress window can let in more sunlight, warming the room naturally. It is also possible to set up a window seat at the egress window for your family and pets to be able to take full advantage of the warmth. During the summer months, the basement may still be cool enough to enjoy the window without needing to place a blackout curtain over the space. This takes the basement from a room to avoid to an all seasons room. 

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